...in beautiful Saxon Switzerland

You would like to experience your dream tour with your friends,

your family or alone to experience your dream tour?

 Maybe you are looking for an idea for an exciting tour or a family hike? And you still lack some "being outdoors" skills?

 And a guide who knows his stuff?

 Who plans your tour together with you and accompanies you or has an exciting tour suggestion?

 Then you've come to the right place.

Individual offer

You are planning a family celebration, a hike or... ?

Cave tour for small and large robbers

Do dwarves live in the dwarf cave?

Night hike, not only during a full moon

There is a rustling in the bushes... ?


Stag party with exam and "diploma".

Children's birthday party

...will we find the legendary treasure?

Full moon romance

Candles, wine and a marriage proposal...

Stairs and views

Schrammstein view and ridge path

On winding paths to the honey stone

76.5 m long, 1,900 t of stones, 9100 thalers

On the tracks of the small and big bear

"Per Aspera ad astra"